WUFFI Airdrop: Your Ticket to the $WUF Pack!

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4 min readJan 15, 2024

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Welcome to the WUF Pack! Launching on the WAX Blockchain with an impressive array of supporting partners, WUFFI is not just another meme coin. With a planned expansion to the Solana Blockchain, WUFFI is setting the stage for cross-chain interoperability and broader accessibility.

The launch of WUFFI is underpinned by a meticulously crafted distribution plan, dedicated to fostering long-term community growth. This strategy ensures that $WUF tokens not only reach a wide audience but also support the ongoing development and engagement within the WUFFI community.

Join The WUF Pack

Get Excited about joining the WUF Pack! Here’s how you can claim your share of WUF tokens in the much-anticipated WUFFI Community Airdrop:

  1. Set Up Your WAX Wallet: The first step is to create a WAX Wallet. You can opt for the convenient Cloud Wallet or use a self-managed wallet. Every wallet on the WAX Blockchain is eligible for the snapshot.
  2. Leverage the Tier System: Your WAXP holdings determine your airdrop amount. The more WAXP you hold, the higher your tier and the more WUF tokens you receive. Tiers range from Tier 1 (holding at least 1K WAXP) to Tier 10 (holding at least 10K WAXP).
  3. Participate in our Bountyblok Campaign (Optional): Engage in fun and straightforward tasks via our bountyblok campaign. This not only increases your engagement but also boosts your chances of becoming an Early Adopter of WUF tokens.
  4. Subscribe to the WUFFI Mailing List (Optional): For additional chances to become an Early Adopter, make sure to subscribe to the WUFFI Mailing List on our website.

Note: Total WAX balance in a WAX account, whether staked or unstaked, will count towards all tiers.

Mark your calendars: the snapshot of your wallet will be taken on January 31st, 2024, at 4 pm PST officially marking the WUFFI Community Airdrop. This event is not just about airdropping tokens — it’s about building a community-first approach.

WUFFI’s WUF Token Distribution Plan

The distribution of WUF tokens is carefully planned to nurture and grow The WUF Pack, our dedicated community. Here’s the concise breakdown:

  • 30% Community Airdrop: A significant share for the active members of the WUFFI community, rewarding their engagement from the start.
  • 10% Developer Integrations: Aimed at fostering innovation and integration within the WUFFI ecosystem by supporting developers.
  • 25% Market Development: Focused on enhancing WUFFI’s market presence and platform dynamics.
  • 10% DEX Traders: A portion reserved for incentivizing the participation of traders in decentralized exchanges within the WUFFI ecosystem.
  • 5% Initial Liquidity: Ensures a stable market introduction by providing initial liquidity for WUF tokens.
  • 20% Early Contributors: Rewards the early supporters who have significantly contributed to WUFFI’s growth.

📌 A snapshot of your WAX Wallet will be taken on January 31st, 2024. This snapshot will be used to distribute the first 10% of the Community Airdrop. Do not move your WAXP on that day. We’ll make an announcement once the snapshot has been taken.

The WUF token airdrop will happen at a later date. More details will be announced soon!

‘Pawtners’ in the WUFFI Ecosystem

The WUFFI project isn’t just about the launch of the WUF token; it’s about forging lasting partnerships that enhance and enrich our ecosystem. We are proud to announce our initial lineup of “Pawtners” who are not just supporting the WUF launch but are committed to being a part of the journey for the long haul:

  • Marketplaces: NFTHive, AtomicHub, vIRL Market, Neftyblocks
  • Games: Landbox, Music Mogul, FGL, Brawlers, Spin Tycoon, FGL, TACO Studios, Nanotopia, RPLanet, KOGS, RFOX, Rada Quest
  • DEXes: Alcor, Taco
  • Others: WAX, bountyblok, WAX Ape Rave Club, Maxy Labs, Degen Pirates, XanderC, PFPWizard, NFTOpia, Consumer Break, Anonymouse, Betsify by Neftyblock

Many more are coming soon …

Each of these partners plays a pivotal role in the WUF Pack, offering unique contributions that range from enhanced marketplaces and thrilling gaming experiences to robust decentralized exchange support.

For the latest on $WUF airdrop eligibility and updates, follow us on social media at @wuffi_inu.

Join the WUF Pack

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