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7 min readDec 2, 2022

Today we had to lay off 19 valuable team members. It is unfortunate to have to let go of such incredible and talented people that pushed WAX and Tyranno forward with so much passion and love for the platform, products and community. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such talented people. We wish them all the best in their future endeavors and look forward to continue interacting with them as members of our WAX community.

Despite the need for the changes mentioned above due to the current bear market, we have retained 100% of our engineering staff to further the development of existing projects and the blockchain. We will continue to share our progress and new features as they are released according to our roadmap below.

On our Roadmap

Core WAX Blockchain Protocol

  • 2023 and beyond: Continue funding and working with Antelope Coalition to develop Antelope stack and Wax Blockchain protocol, its upgrades and tooling.
  • Q1–2023: Upgrade Wax Blockchain to Antelope 3.2 and continue the upgrade path as new versions are available.
  • Q1–2023: Reduce inflation and rebalance WAX Blockchain tokenomics in order to improve WAXP token utility.
  • Q1–2023: Implement USD pegging to Block Producer and Standby Rewards with Standby Rewards utilizing OIG scoring tier system. This will ensure that operators receive enough rewards during lean times while recognizing different levels of maturity between node operators.
  • Q2-Q3–2023: Implement Inter Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol to allow Wax Blockchain horizontal scalability. Resource intensive dApps will be able to run on their own side-chains, offloading resources and transaction throughput off the Wax Blockchain mainnet. Additionally IBC will allow native connectivity to other Antelope based chains.
  • Q3–2023: Launch EVM as it becomes available as part of the Antelope stack to allow developers from other blockchain ecosystems to launch their projects on Wax Blockchain with minimal code changes.
  • Q3–2023: Implement upgrades enabling Antelope Instant Finality implementation reducing Wax Blockchain finality from 3 minutes to 2 seconds. This will greatly reduce the complexity of building Web3 applications and accounting for transaction reversals due to forks.
  • Q4–2023: Implement updates to WAX Blockchain resource model based on Antelope Scalability+ enhancements to remedy resource constraints. This will allow for Wax Blockchain to support creation and operation of a Billion+ active accounts.

Cloud Wallet

  • Q1–2023: Launch full redesign of Cloud Wallet with enhanced User Experience and functionality so that Wax Blockchain ecosystem has the most secure and user friendly wallet available.
  • Q1–2023: Launch NFT bridge to Ethereum and BNB Smart Chain for all whitelisted NFT collections on Wax Blockchain. Other EVM chains will follow. This will allow content creators on Wax Blockchain to easily reach audiences on other blockchain ecosystems.
  • Q2–2023: Launch dApp Whitelisting and Account Trust Score allowing dApps to determine the likelihood of a user account being a bot. This feature will allow dApps to better filter out automated agents.
  • Q2–2023: Launch account claiming functionality allowing Cloud Wallet users to manage their keys via Cloud Wallet browser plug-in.
  • Q3–2023: Launch social wallet features allowing users to discover projects, collaborate with each other and to allow content creators to be able to better reach targeted Cloud Wallet user audiences.
  • Q3–2023: Launch multi-chain support for Ethereum and other EVM based chains allowing existing Cloud Wallet functions to work seamlessly across other blockchain ecosystems. This will bring Cloud Wallet’s ease of use to other ecosystems and allow dApp developers on Wax Blockchain to gain access to users and dApps on other chains.
  • Q4–2023: Launch Cloud Wallet native mobile client to improve user experience.

vIRL Marketplace

  • Q1–2023: Enhance vIRL Marketplace embeddability allowing dApp developers to quickly add Marketplace functions into their WEB3 applications; this will include integration with Unity SDK later in the year.
  • Q2–2023: Implement social marketplace features allowing vIRL Marketplace users to discover collections and like minded communities. This will empower creators to reach and connect with more targeted audiences across different blockchain platforms.
  • Q3-Q4–2023: Launch multi-chain support for Ethereum and other EVM based chains allowing vIRL Marketplace to work in a multi-chain environment. This feature combined with Cloud Wallet NFT Bridge and multi-chain support will allow NFT creators on Wax Blockchain to further reach communities on other platforms.

Ecosystem and Tooling (2023)

  • Launch integration with Custodial Services Providers to make the Wax Blockchain ecosystem more friendly to enterprises and institutions.
  • Work with reporting services to ensure that Wax Blockchain ecosystem activity is accurately accounted for and reported.
  • Continue development and enhancements of WAX Blockchain Explorer so that the community has the most full featured blockchain explorer available.
  • Launch Unity SDK implementing native integration with Cloud Wallet and core Wax Blockchain services allowing game developers to focus on building games while being able to easily on-board new users, interact with smart contracts and sign transactions.

Tyranno Game Studios

Blockchain Brawlers

  • Q4–2022: The ability to buy NFTs directly from the game using BRWL, WAXP or with a credit card. Currently to buy and open NFT packs used in BCB requires the use of second and third party sites. This feature will allow all of the previous steps in the acquisition/utilization process to be native in the app.
  • Q4–2022: Mint on Demand of NFTs sent to in-game inventory directly. Making purchases and then having players go the extra step to deposit them into the game is not a user friendly experience. This update will take “Mint on Demand” items like a Swag Kit and deposit them directly into the game inventory.
  • Q4–2022: NFT Power Score Leaderboard Optimization. We are architecting a new way to track what assets players own and their value. This will be a more stable and more responsive leaderboard for tracking player’s position based on the NFT Power Score system.
  • Q4–2022: Staking BRWL in matches. Players will be able to stake BRWL in a match vs. another player staking the same amount in a winner take all contest.
  • Q4–2022: Cost adjustments of Brawl-o-Seum pack influence pricing. In order to keep things interesting and ensure players and BoS owners are able to more responsibly craft their desired content we will reduce the price of “Pack Influencing” for the LOW and MEDIUM Risk paths. This should help balance out the pricing of all assets in the secondary market.
  • Q4–2022: The Brawlers Esports Series Tournaments (aka — B.E.S.T.) will begin. We will be launching our inaugural tournament event series. This is where players compete monthly over the course of the next year to win great prizes and earn points. The top players will be invited to a limited number, year end tournament with the best prizes available to date.


  • Q1–2023: Launching of the Brawl 4 All mode (B4A). Coming in the new year will be a new gameplay mode where players can enter their favorite Series 1 Brawler and watch them compete against other players in this highly competitive AI Brawler.
  • Q1–2023: Armory system tied to the “B4A” mode. The stats of the specific Brawlers in the Brawl 4 All mode are based upon an aggregation of NFTs the player owns. The system will look at 14 different categories of NFTs and map those totals to 14 different fighter statistics such as health, crit rate, crit damage, luck, defense, speed et al
  • Q1–2023: Brawl 4 All King of the Ring matches live streamed directly via the BB site. We will run these daily competitions via Twitch, but players will be able to view these on our site, both live and saved replays.
  • Q1–2023: Weekly competitions tied various leaderboard placements. We will begin rewarding weekly leaderboard placement with BRWL and other cool prizes.
  • Q1–2023:Free to Try NFTs implemented and widely distributed. In order to get our great gameplay experience into as many players’ hands as possible, this highly innovative “NFT unlock” will allow new players to play the game for no cost for a very limited time.
  • Q1–2023: Downloadable Mac and PC client. If you want the best frame rate at the highest possible resolution, we will have a downloadable client for you to use. Client users can compete vs WebGL players.
  • Q2–2023: Mobile Application of the PvP experience. For players that just want to play the PvP game as much as possible from anywhere in the world, we will be shipping a mobile version of the game in the second quarter.
  • Q2–2023: Series 2 Brawlers. An all new set of Brawlers will be coming into the ring through 2023. Look for these new Bad Boys (and Girls?) to be arriving in the squared circle by mid year.
  • (Ongoing) Many more Swag Kits deployed and usable in game. We will always be dedicated to allowing players to customize their gaming experience through various means of expression. The Swag Kits in 2023 will get even cooler so you can flex even harder against your rivals.

Music Mogul

  • Q1–2023: MVP game launch — This game will be launching in early 2023. Players will be able to begin their journey taking a fledgling label with a thin roster of talent and turn it into a powerhouse content creation juggernaut where all the “Stadium Superstars” want to be.
  • Q1–2023: New artist genres released — The genres yet to be sold will be made available to the public to help fill out tycoon owners’ roster of talent if they should decide.

* Note that the roadmap is subject to change at any time.

2022 Highlights

  • Launch of WAXP ERC-20 token with support from Binance, Binance US, OKX, Kucoin, Gate and Huobi
  • Launch of a dedicated WAX Defi site
  • Launch of a new WAXBlock explorer
  • Launch of a new vIRL Marketplace
  • Launch of beta NFT and ERC20 bridges between WAX and Binance and Ethereum
  • Launch of new wax.io site
  • Funded reporting deals to ensure that wax blockchain ecosystem activity is accurately accounted for and reported.
  • Launch of one of the top games of all time on WAX and the top game for 2022
  • Numerous NFT launches with Mattel, Sony, NASCAR and AMC deals
  • Partnership with Antelope Coalition funding development of Antelope stack and wax blockchain protocol. Authoring Scalability Blue Paper and collaborating with the coalition on scope and development of Inter Blockchain Communication protocol, Instant Finality and Resource Model enhancements ensuring Antelope and wax blockchain protocol scalability.
  • Continuous investment in core services infrastructure and development of Cloud Wallet and supporting services.

This was an exciting year where we saw a lot of new projects and artists onboard WAX. Stay tuned for an indepth look back on 2022.

About our Ambassador Program

We have some enthusiastic ambassadors in the Tyranno/WAX ambassador program, and we will continue forward with the program.



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