WAX Deer Jungle Club: A Unique PFP Adventure

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4 min readJan 24, 2024

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Welcome to the WAX Deer Jungle Club, where a collection of 10,000 exclusive NFTs awaits to redefine your perception of the PFP world. Crafted with precision and creativity, each NFT boasts a combination of 140 unique traits spread across 19 vibrant characters.

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Embrace True Ownership with OG DEER NFTs

Owning an OG DEER NFT isn’t just about possessing a digital asset; it’s about embracing a piece of a story, a narrative you can control. Flaunt it, trade it, or cherish it — your NFT is your ticket to the WAX Deer Jungle Club saga.

Revolutionizing the Secondary Market

The OG Deer NFT project pioneers an ingenious fee mechanism for secondary market sales. 100% of all fees collected on transactions on our three primary collections — Male, Female, and Baby Deer — goes back to holders safeguarding their exclusivity and value, and fuels our commitment to a thriving and sustainable community ecosystem.

Innovative Breeding Like Never Before

Breeding in the WAX Deer Jungle Club is a step into a new dimension. The advanced NFTHive Crafting System allows the pairing of male and female NFTs to produce unique offspring without burning any originals. Each new generation enriches your collection, preserving the legacy of its lineage.

Merchandise: More Than Just Apparel

Our merchandise range is an embodiment of the WAX Deer Jungle Club spirit, offering tangible connections to our digital realm. We’re dedicating 7–14% of every sale back to our OG Holders through special giveaways, as a token of our gratitude and commitment to their role in our journey.

Find more about the profit-sharing mechanism here

Fueling Our Token Ecosystem

Within the verdant realm of the OG Deer universe, the Deer Token emerges as the initial key to unlocking a multifaceted engagement with our narrative. It is the first in a trio of tokens designed to work in concert, enhancing the interactive tapestry of the Deer NFT experience..

Together, these tokens are not just individual strands but integral parts of a greater whole, each contributing to a cohesive system that enriches the Deer NFT adventure and rewards the collective participation of our community.

Delving into our token infrastructure, we’ve smartly allocated the Female Deer NFT sales to reinforce our tokens. With 20% backing the Breed Token (Spark) and 30% boosting the Baby Token (Stag), we’re ensuring a solid foundation for our community’s growth and prosperity.

The 80s Club

Joining the ranks of the Wax Deer Jungle Club by holding 80 PFPs isn’t just about owning exceptional digital art; it’s about becoming an integral part of a groundbreaking venture. Your membership unlocks a suite of exclusive benefits.

Imagine a club where the synth beats of the 80s echo in the background, and the vibrant aesthetics of the era come alive in the form of digital art. That’s the essence of our 80s club theme. Each NFT is not just a piece of art; it’s a part of a cultural renaissance, celebrating the era that reshaped entertainment, fashion, and music.

More about the 80’s Club here.

Incoming On-Chain Mini Games

Two upcoming on-chain mini-games are set to captivate enthusiasts with a nostalgic nod to the 80s and a whimsical touch involving our Deer.

The first game, infused with retro aesthetics and synthwave soundscapes, transports players back to the neon-lit era, offering pixelated challenges reminiscent of classic arcade games.

Meanwhile, the second game introduces a delightful twist by incorporating Deer characters and its traits into the gameplay. Picture deer adorned in funky 80s attire navigating pixelated landscapes, bringing a unique blend of vintage charm and playful innovation to the blockchain gaming scene.

Both mini-games promise to evoke a sense of nostalgia while adding a touch of whimsy, creating an immersive experience where the spirit of the 80s and the enchantment of Deer coalesce in a blockchain gaming extravaganza.

WAX Deer Jungle Club

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