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10 min readDec 18, 2023

As we move forward into 2024, we are excited to share a suite of updates and developments designed to enhance the overall experience for the WAX Community. This roadmap outlines multifaceted goals across its Blockchain Protocol, Cloud Wallet, Marketplace and Gaming teams.

Initiatives such as the Tokenomics Upgrade and Resource Improvements set the stage for a more sustainable economic model and scalable infrastructure supporting over a billion active accounts. The WAX Side Chain Launchers streamline node and side chain deployment, respectively, facilitating rapid ecosystem adoption and protocol level integration with EVM ecosystems. The Cloud Wallet team focuses on enhancing the user experience through native mobile applications and Unity SDK 2.0 integration targeting gaming console developers. Concurrently, the Marketplace team deploys Counter-Strike 2 vStrike Marketplace, improves vIRL Marketplace, and introduces Social Marketplace features, aiming for a vibrant and decentralized trading ecosystem.

Together, these initiatives underscore WAX Blockchain’s commitment to scalability, usability, and community-driven innovation, continuing to position it as a leading force in the blockchain landscape. Let’s dive in!

Blockchain Protocol Roadmap 2024

Q1 2024: Foundational Upgrades

  • Tokenomics Upgrade: Introducing a new tokenomics model with optional pay-per-transaction fees and variable inflation. This is crucial for the WAX Blockchain ecosystem as it will reduce on-chain inflation rates and it will ensure that on-chain activities can autonomously fund the operational costs of the WAX Blockchain. This strategic enhancement not only optimizes economic sustainability but also incentivizes users to transition to PowerUp, aligning the ecosystem with a more efficient and self-sustaining financial model.
  • RAM Improvements (Proof of Concept): Addressing RAM resource constraints is pivotal in laying the foundation for supporting over a billion active accounts. This project is instrumental in ensuring scalability and removing barriers, empowering developers and users to participate in the WAX Blockchain with unprecedented scale and efficiency.
  • WAX Node Launcher: Standardized Node Launcher is critical for the WAX ecosystem as it introduces a framework that expedites the launch of both development and production-grade nodes. This initiative streamlines the onboarding process for developers and node operators, accelerating the adoption of the WAX Blockchain ecosystem and promoting a more robust and responsive network.
  • Developer Guides — Tic Tac Token Series: A Developer Guides Series is essential for the WAX Blockchain ecosystem as it provides comprehensive how-to guides, empowering developers to create game smart contracts and integrate on-chain tooling like Random Number Generators. This initiative not only facilitates knowledge transfer but also stimulates the development of engaging and interactive decentralized applications, contributing to the richness and diversity of the WAX ecosystem.

Q2 2024: Continuous Optimization & Expansion

  • Tokenomics Optimization: Fine-tuning the new model to promote ecosystem health but to also reinforce the platform’s commitment to self-sustaining financial model.
  • Antelope 5.0 Upgrade: Keeping WAX updated with the latest Antelope version.
  • On-going RAM Improvements: Update the WAX Blockchain resource model to remedy RAM resource constraints, enabling support for the creation and operation of a billion active accounts. This change will enable removal of Cloud Wallet account creation paywall promoting accelerated wallet growth.
  • WAX Side Chain Launcher: This launcher system is paramount for the WAX ecosystem as it introduces a framework enabling developers and node operators to swiftly launch development and production-grade side chains. This initiative not only streamlines the deployment process but also fosters innovation by allowing projects to scale quickly, promoting a diverse and expansive WAX Blockchain network of networks.
  • Developer Guides — Slide Puzzle Series: Builds upon developer guide series adding comprehensive guides on blockchain state synchronization and integration architecture patterns. These guides empower developers with practical knowledge, fostering the creation of engaging and innovative decentralized applications, thereby contributing to the richness and diversity of the WAX ecosystem.

Q3 2024: Further Enhancements

  • Tokenomics Optimization: Further adjustments to the tokenomics model to promote ecosystem health.
  • WAX EVM Side Chain Launcher: It extends WAX Blockchain’s multi-chain interconnectivity, enabling developers to launch EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) side chains seamlessly. This initiative is significant because it introduces a protocol-level integration with the EVM ecosystem, allowing for native compatibility with Ethereum’s smart contracts and decentralized applications. By facilitating the creation of EVM side chains with this native integration, WAX Blockchain not only expands its interoperability but also attracts developers from the broader Ethereum ecosystem, fostering collaboration and driving innovation across multiple chains. This initiative positions WAX as a versatile and interconnected blockchain platform, offering developers a wider canvas for building decentralized applications with cross-chain capabilities.
  • Developer Guides: Continuation of insightful how-to guides based on community-defined use cases.

Q4 2024: Advancing to New Heights

  • Tokenomics Optimization: Final optimization tweaks for the year.
  • Upgrade to Antelope Instant Finality: Introducing Instant Finality mechanism for high fidelity applications holds profound importance for the ecosystem by significantly enhancing the user experience. This advancement ensures near-instant confirmation of transactions, delivering a seamless and responsive environment for users and developers. This improvement is a key step in prioritizing user satisfaction, reinforcing WAX’s commitment to delivering an efficient and enjoyable blockchain experience to mainstream users.
  • Developer Guides: More how-to guides, focusing on advanced integration patterns.

Cloud Wallet Roadmap 2024

Q1 2024: Mobile Integration & SDK Development

  • Mobile Cloud Wallet App for iOS and Android: Enhancing mobile dApp integration is paramount for the WAX Blockchain ecosystem as it deploys the Cloud Wallet as a native mobile application on both iOS and Android devices. This strategic move enhances user accessibility, fostering seamless integration with native mobile dApps and providing a more user-friendly experience, thus expanding the reach of the WAX Blockchain and creating a more inclusive environment for users on diverse platforms.
  • Unity SDK 2.0: Updated version of the Unity SDK, seamlessly integrating with native mobile Cloud Wallet applications. This enhancement not only streamlines the development process for Unity developers but also reduces friction in Web3 interactions, fostering a more efficient and user-friendly environment, and opening avenues for the creation of high-fidelity gaming console applications within the WAX Blockchain ecosystem.
  • Developer Guides — Tic Tac Token Series: Detailed guides for Cloud Wallet integration with decentralized applications both on desktop and mobile.

Q2 2024: Name Service & Side Chain Support

  • Cloud Wallet Optimization: Further enhancements for iOS and Android building upon the initial release.
  • WAX Name Service: Introducing premium WAX names for users. This initiative not only enhances user experience by simplifying the process of identifying and interacting with accounts on the blockchain but also contributes to the development of a robust digital identity framework within the WAX ecosystem, fostering a more user-friendly and personalized blockchain experience.
  • WAX Side Chain Support: Cloud Wallet will implement full support for side chain registry and it will have the ability to process side chain transactions. This function is critical to continue bringing Cloud Wallet user experience and its ease of use to the ever expanding WAX Blockchain network of networks.
  • Developer Guides — Slide Puzzle Series: Continuation of detailed guides for Cloud Wallet integration with decentralized applications both on desktop and mobile.

Q3 2024: Social Features & EVM Support

  • Social Cloud Wallet: Social features and community discovery functionalities within the Cloud Wallet is vital for the WAX Blockchain community as it facilitates a dynamic and interactive environment. These features empower users to discover projects, build communities around their favorite collections and dApps, fostering engagement and collaboration within the WAX ecosystem. By enhancing social connectivity, the Cloud Wallet not only enriches the user experience but also contributes to the vibrant and communal nature of the WAX blockchain community.
  • WAX EVM Side Chain Support: Cloud wallet will continue developing its support of WAX Blockchain network of networks, ensuring compatibility with EVM side chains.
  • Developer Guides: Continuing the series for Cloud Wallet integrations.

Q4 2024: Advancing Social Features & Support

  • Social Cloud Wallet Optimization: Enhancing community-building features.
  • WAX Side Chain Support Optimization: Ensuring robust support for both native and EVM side chains.
  • Developer Guides: More in-depth guides for Cloud Wallet integration.

Marketplace Roadmap 2024

Q1 2024: vStrike & vIRL Marketplace Innovations

  • vStrike Marketplace Launch: Introducing a Counter-Strike 2 skin trading marketplace on the WAX Blockchain is crucial as it expands the platform’s utility and user base by tapping into the immensely popular skin trading industry. This initiative not only capitalizes on the existing gaming community’s interest in digital item trading but also leverages WAX’s blockchain technology to provide a secure, transparent, and decentralized platform for gamers to engage in seamless and trustworthy skin trading transactions.
  • vIRL Marketplace Enhancements: Improvements to offer a robust alternative in the marketplace ecosystem.
  • Developer Guides — Tic Tac Token Series: Create developer guides for fungible token and non fungible token development in games.

Q2 2024: Universal Listing Service & Continued Enhancements

  • vStrike Marketplace Optimization: Further refining the Counter-Strike 2 skin marketplace.
  • Universal Listing Service Deployment: The deployment of the Universal Listing Service on the WAX Blockchain is vital as it establishes a community-managed marketplace backbone, ensuring decentralized control and resilience against reliance on third-party marketplace operators. This initiative not only promotes a more inclusive and collaborative environment within the WAX blockchain community but also enhances the overall robustness and independence of the marketplace ecosystem, fostering community-driven growth and sustainability.
  • vIRL Marketplace Enhancements: Continue the development and optimization of the vIRL Marketplace, ensuring a robust alternative within the WAX Blockchain marketplace ecosystem.
  • Developer Guides — Slide Puzzle Series: Create developer guides showcasing Atomic Assets NFT collection integration architecture patterns.

Q3 2024: Social Marketplace Features

  • Social vIRL Marketplace Features: The integration of Social feature to the vIRL Marketplace brings a social dimension to the trading ecosystem, providing users with enhanced project discovery and community-building capabilities. These features empower users to connect over shared interests, discover new projects, and foster communities around their favorite digital assets. By facilitating social interactions within the marketplace, WAX not only enriches the overall user experience but also stimulates a sense of community engagement, encouraging users to explore and participate actively in the dynamic world of digital collectibles.
  • Universal Listing Service Improvements: Continuing development of the community-managed service.
  • vIRL Marketplace Enhancements: Persist in refining the vIRL Marketplace, reinforcing it as a dynamic and viable alternative within the WAX Blockchain’s marketplace landscape.
  • Developer Guides: Focused development of NFT marketplace integration guides.

Q4 2024: Finalizing Marketplace Innovations

  • Social vIRL Marketplace Enhancements: Further improvements for community engagement contributing to the organic growth of the WAX ecosystem by enabling users to share insights, discuss trends, and collaborate on various projects. This creates a vibrant and interconnected network where users can collaboratively shape the direction of the marketplace, leading to the emergence of diverse and thriving communities. In essence, these social features play a pivotal role in not just enhancing project discovery but also in fostering a sense of belonging and collaboration, making the WAX blockchain ecosystem more dynamic, interactive, and resilient.
  • Developer Guides: Continuation of marketplace-focused integration guides.

Gaming Division: Tyranno Studios Roadmap Q1 & Q2 2024

Q1 2024 Highlights


  • Season 1 B.E.S.T Tournament of Champions: A thrilling showdown with 10,000 WAXP up for grabs for the champion.
  • Amazon Prime Drops: Continuation with episodes 4, 5, and 6, alongside ongoing Therabody and Razer giveaways.
  • B.E.S.T Season 2 Kickoff: Gear up for another round of intense Brawlers action in monthly competitions.

Music Mogul

  • AI-Driven Generative Music: Launch of dynamic music and hip-hop lyrics, adding a new dimension to the game.
  • Weekly Global Streaming Competitions: Get ready to showcase your musical talents on a global stage.

Spin Tycoon

  • Open Beta Launch: Dive into the beta version and experience the game firsthand.
  • Casino Expansions: Three new casinos and five new troops to enhance your gaming experience.

Q2 2024 Gaming Adventures

Music Mogul

  • Genre Expansion: Step into the world of Pop, Country, and Rock with new lyrical genres.
  • Burning Cred Comp 2.0: An updated monthly competition for the community. Stay tuned!
  • Legendary Crew and Gear: Elevate your game with new high-tier game elements.
  • Leaderboard Revamp: A fresh update to intensify the competitive spirit.

Spin Tycoon

  • New Casinos: Launch of Dracula’s Castle and Sakura Casinos, accompanied by 10 new units.
  • Mobile Launch: Spin Tycoon hits the App Store and Google Play for on-the-go excitement.
  • Leaderboard Climbing Competition: The ultimate “King of the Hill” challenge awaits!


  • Amazon Prime Gaming Round 2: Get set for another round of exclusive in-game items and partnerships.

While we have an action-packed roadmap lined up for the rest of the year, we’re keeping some surprises under wraps for now. Stay connected on the Tyranno Studios Discord to catch all the latest updates and never miss a beat!

And there we have it — our roadmap for 2024, highlighting the significant strides we’re making in blockchain technology, Cloud Wallet enhancements, and Marketplace developments. These initiatives are tailored to meet the evolving needs of our community, from blockchain enthusiasts to digital traders and gamers. We’re committed to delivering these improvements while maintaining our dedication to user experience and ecosystem growth.

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