WAX Blockchain 2023: A Year of Triumph & Innovation

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8 min readDec 11, 2023

As we wave goodbye to an eventful 2023, it’s time to reflect on the groundbreaking strides and exhilarating moments that have shaped the WAX Blockchain community. It’s been a year of growth, marked by technological advancements, community-driven initiatives, and high-profile collaborations that have solidified WAX’s position as a leader in the blockchain space.

In this retrospective, we’ll explore the pivotal developments, celebrate the vibrant community spirit, and revisit the exceptional collaborations that have defined the WAX Blockchain in 2023. Let’s dive into the milestones that have made this year unforgettable.

WAX Development: Technological Marvels & Innovations

Cloud Wallet Evolved

In 2023, the WAX Cloud Wallet evolved into the new Cloud Wallet, featuring a brand-new design focused on user-friendliness and aesthetics. This significant update enhanced the overall user experience, making it more intuitive and visually appealing. Importantly, we introduced innovative features such as the Soft- and Hard Claim options and a comprehensive notification center, further solidifying our commitment to providing cutting-edge blockchain wallet technology.

NFT Bridges: WAX’s Multi-Chain Leap

A pivotal development in WAX’s journey this year has been the implementation of NFT Bridges to Ethereum, Binance, and Polygon — including the advanced Polygon zkEVM. These bridges are more than just technological feats; they represent a future where blockchain networks work in harmony, facilitating seamless transactions and broadening the scope of what’s achievable in the blockchain space.

WAX.io: A Fresh New Look

2023 introduced a revamped WAX.io website, now a visually appealing and comprehensive guide to the WAX ecosystem. It features the latest news, highlights games and NFT collections on WAX, and provides essential information for both new and seasoned users. The website now includes a dedicated community page, offering projects access to promotional resources to boost their visibility.

Exploring WAX Made Easy with WAXBlock.io

Another exciting addition in 2023 was the debut of WAXBlock.io, a comprehensive block explorer tailored for the WAX Blockchain. This essential resource provides the community with in-depth insights into NFT data, transaction histories, wallet activities, and a plethora of other blockchain-related information.

Introducing TRUST Scores

In our continued effort to elevate security and transparency, we partnered with Chain Champs to introduce TRUST Scores in 2023. This state-of-the-art AI service, leveraging the latest in AI and Machine Learning, provides wallet scores based on transaction history. It’s a powerful tool for dApp developers, helping them identify and mitigate issues like bots and wash trading, enhancing the integrity of the WAX ecosystem.

The Leap with Antelope

Joining forces with the Antelope Coalition, we unveiled the Antelope 3.1 upgrade. This major step forward includes significant advancements, solidifying our position in Web3 Gaming and Digital Assets. As a carbon-neutral blockchain protocol, WAX continues to support a thriving ecosystem of dApps and digital collectibles.

Unity in Gaming with WAX’s Unity3D SDK

Another hallmark of 2023 was the introduction of the Unity3D SDK for WAX, a game-changer for game developers. It allows creators to focus on crafting engaging gameplay while integrating the robust functionalities of WAX. This SDK is a bridge between enjoyable gaming experiences and the benefits of Web3, offering players something truly unique.

Tokenomics Transformed

The year also marked the significant Tokenomics Upgrade on WAX. The new variable inflation model and PowerUp Mechanism have revolutionized the WAX NFT ecosystem, ensuring efficiency and better alignment with blockchain activities. This upgrade is a testament to our dedication to innovating and adapting to the evolving needs of the blockchain community.

WAX Community: Fostering Growth & Engagement

Championing Creators with #CreatorsFirst

2023 marked the launch of our #CreatorsFirst initiative, a testament to our unwavering support for the creator community on the WAX Blockchain. This initiative involved purchasing NFTs from secondary marketplaces worth up to $10,000 each month and offering free Cloud Wallet banner space to showcase and promote various projects. It’s our way of ensuring that creators receive the recognition and support they deserve.

Uniting the Community with WAX Hub

The WAX Hub, introduced in 2023, has evolved into a crucial hub for uniting and mobilizing the WAX community. This initiative has invited enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds to contribute meaningfully to the thriving WAX NFT ecosystem. Whether it’s community management, content creation, or tech support, the WAX Hub offers myriad opportunities for community members to actively shape the blockchain’s trajectory.

A big thank you to everyone who joined the WAX Hub in 2023 — your efforts have placed you at the forefront of spreading the word about WAX. Being a part of the WAX Hub is more than joining a community; it’s about being a catalyst in driving the future of WAX.

WAX Hits UK ComicCon

Over 60 projects built on the WAX Blockchain made their mark at this year’s UK ComicCon. Spearheaded by community champions FunnyNFTGuy and The Broken Dollz and supported by WAX, attendees were treated to an array of trading cards, exclusive invites, and posters. This foray into a real-world event exemplified WAX’s dedication to bridging digital and physical collectibles, highlighting the creativity and diversity of its flourishing community.

Elevating Community & Creators in 2023

Throughout 2023, we have been deeply committed to nurturing its community and supporting creators. We’ve showcased an array of projects with our #CreatorsFirst initiative, highlighting them through 38 community blog posts and weekly Creator Spotlight interviews on our @WAX_io Twitter. At WAX Hub, we’ve provided comprehensive campaign support at no cost, fostering project visibility and growth.On Discord, creators have found a platform for collaboration and shared innovation. As part of our ongoing efforts, we’ve offered free advertising vouchers for Atomic Ads, aiding projects in expanding their reach within the WAX ecosystem.

This ethos of community support and creator empowerment is set to continue into 2024, further strengthening the WAX community.

WAX in 2023: Stellar Collaborations & Partnerships

Amazon Prime Gaming x Brawlers

In an impressive move, WAX partnered with Amazon Prime Gaming, offering gamers exclusive monthly in-game loot for Brawlers. The collaboration extends to global wellness tech giant Therabody, and Razer, a leader in gaming peripherals, enhancing the gaming experience with their unique offerings.

Brawlers Makes Its Debut on Epic Games Store

Tyranno Studios’ flagship game, Brawlers, has made a grand entrance on the Epic Games Store. This launch marks a significant milestone, bringing our action-packed game to an even wider audience of gaming enthusiasts.

AMC Theatres Joins Forces with WAX

In 2023 we continued an exciting partnership with AMC Theatres. With the help of the team at bountyblok, we’ve launched several exclusive NFT drops for members of the AMC Investor Connect program. These drops have celebrated key developments at AMC, offering tens of thousands of carbon-neutral NFTs to its members.

NASCAR’s High-Octane Partnership

Our collaboration with NASCAR created a unique experience for race fans. Attendees of select races, including the Busch Light Clash and the DAYTONA 500, had the opportunity to own a piece of NASCAR history through special NFT drops. These drops not only captured the thrill of the races but also provided fans with a verifiable piece of memorabilia.

Funko Unveils Disney Magic on WAX

Funko, renowned for its pop culture collectibles, made a significant splash with Digital Pop!™ collectibles on the WAX Blockchain in 2023. In 2023, Funko brought the enchantment of Disney to the WAX Blockchain, launching the beloved Disney’s Mickey and Friends Digital Pop! collectibles.

Through Droppp.io, they also introduced a diverse array of collectibles from iconic IPs such as Warner Bros., Back To The Future, Jurassic Park, Stranger Things, DC, House of the Dragon, and more. Their frequent releases catered to the dreams of collectors, offering not only digital collectibles but also the unique opportunity to redeem specific NFTs for real-world items, showcasing the innovative concept of vIRL NFTs.

This pioneering approach by Funko has significantly enriched the WAX digital collectibles ecosystem.

Uncut Network: Socializing the World of Digital Collectibles

In partnership with Uncut, we’ve redefined the way digital collectibles are explored and shared in the NFT space. This collaboration focuses on enhancing social interactions among NFT enthusiasts, providing a platform for seamless connection and communication.

As we look back at 2023, these collaborations have not only broadened our horizons but also enriched the experiences of our community, setting new benchmarks in the blockchain space.

Wrapping Up 2023: The Year of Breakthroughs & Community Spirit

Unleashing the PFP Mania

2023 will be remembered as the year the PFP (Profile Picture) Mania took the WAX Blockchain by storm, all thanks to the trailblazing launch of the WAX Ape Rave Club. The sell-out of 10,000 unique WAX Apes in June set the stage for a thriving trend, inspiring a wave of successful PFP projects that added vibrant diversity to our ecosystem.

Transforming Pins into WAX Bees

A highlight of the year was the WAX Bee Crafting Event, a unique opportunity for our community to transform their WAX Pins into exclusive WAX Bees. This event not only gave life to new digital collectibles but also offered a substantial reward of 100,000 WAXP to the top crafters.

A Salute to Our Community Moderators

We couldn’t wrap up the year without acknowledging the backbone of our community — our dedicated moderators. Nemo, Di0nix, Dtotten, khaldakz, averageCasualGamer, LtCdr. Data, and Jp have been instrumental in keeping the WAX Discord community engaged, informed, and connected. Their tireless efforts have been crucial in fostering a strong and supportive community environment on the WAX Blockchain.

As we bid farewell to an incredible year, we look forward to the adventures and opportunities that 2024 will bring. Here’s to continuing our journey together, breaking new ground, and reaching new heights in the world of blockchain and digital collectibles. Cheers to another fantastic year on WAX!

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