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6 min readDec 12, 2023

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Alright, Tribe! Gather ‘round, ’cause We’ve got the lowdown on the most anticipated jam of the year — the B’Ape Beats Festival 2023. It’s the event where the rhythms of the jungle meet the pulse of the rave, and this time, we’re not just bringing the beats… we’re expanding the tribe!

That’s right, you heard it here first — 10,000 fresh B’Apes, or as we affectionately call them, Babes, are about to swing into the WARC Tribe. And these aren’t just any B’Apes; they come with their own stories, styles, and a wild zest for the rave life.

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But, hold onto your vines, ’cause there’s more. We’re talking about an exciting team effort, a crafted essence that’s all the rave — the Apestasy Vitamin Booster. This isn’t your garden-variety supplement; it’s the essence of the festival, bottled up to amplify the experience. Stay tuned, because this is just the beginning, and trust us, you won’t want to miss a beat of what’s coming next …

B’Apes Debut

The WARC Festival drums are calling, and it’s time to answer with a ROAR — welcome to B’Ape Beats Festival 2023! Imagine the deepest rhythms of the wild, blended with the electrifying energy of a rave that never sleeps. This isn’t just a festival; it’s our tribal calling to let loose, vibe high, and welcome the newcomers.

Get psyched for the arrival of 10,000 B’Apes, each ready to leave their unique paw print on the tribal dance floor. They’re not just joining the party; they’re redefining it with every move, beat, and howl under the moonlit sky.

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But that’s not all — gone are the days of generic names and numbers. B’Apes come with their own unique names, dynamic and individual as their personalities. With almost 200 distinctive traits, these B’Apes are as unique as our OGs, each with its own story to tell and a style to show off. This is the dawn of a new era in the WARC Tribe, and the dance floor is just getting started!

B’Ape Beats Inception

On December 15th at 1 pm ET, the B’Ape Beats Festival 2023 throws open its gates. It’s not just an entry to an event; it’s a quest to find your rave soulmate among the 10,000 unique B’Apes waiting to be discovered. Each B’Ape, priced at a mere 50 WAXP, is a ticket to the most thrilling dance the jungle has ever seen.

For 60 minutes, OG Apes will have the exclusive chance to seek out their matches first, before we welcome the whole tribe to join the search. 50% of the total drop proceeds are set to bolster the festival’s prize pool, igniting fierce team competition and camaraderie. Meanwhile, 10% of the funds will be a tribute to the Tribal Treasury, sustaining the heartbeat of our community.

In the spirit of unity and ongoing revelry, every transaction made in the secondary market for B’Apes and Apestasy Vitamin Boosters will serve a greater purpose. A full 100% of these secondary market fees will be funneled directly into our Tribal Treasury.

Festival Teams: Crafting the Rave Essence

As we gear up for the B’Ape Beats Festival, the WARC Tribe divides into teams, each rallying around a team-specific Apestasy Vitamin Booster. These boosters are the heart of our festival experience — each one a unique concoction representing the collective spirit and style of its team.

The Festival Hosts have thrown down the gauntlet: they’re calling on every B’Ape team to craft their Apestasy Vitamin Boosters, to infuse the B’Ape Beats Festival with an unforgettable essence that captures the soul of their collective rhythm.

The Apestasy Challenge

Teams, formed by the background color of their unique B’Ape, must prove their booster is the crowd’s favorite. The team that crafts and accumulates the most team-specific Apestasy Vitamin Boosters secures the contract with the Festival Hosts. This coveted deal isn’t just about bragging rights; it rewards the TOP50 most rare B’Apes within the winning team with a share of up to 250,000 WAXP, equally split among the victors. That’s up to 5,000 WAXP per B’Ape in the TOP50 of the winning team.

🔥 To be clear, teams can reduce a rival’s count by burning their boosters, altering the competition’s outcome.

Crafting Rhythms of the Festival

As the B’Ape Beats Festival approaches, the tribe is abuzz with crafting the Apestasy Vitamin Boosters. Each team boasts its own unique blend of ingredients with effects and side-effects.

In the end, it’s all about which team’s boosters will enhance the festival experience, whose rhythm will resonate the loudest, and which team will turn their B’Ape vibes into a legendary festival triumph. May the best collective win the contract and make the B’Ape Beats Festival a rave to remember! Here’s the rundown of the distinct crafts:

Harmonic Handout

Craft an Apestasy Pack containing 3 random Vitamin Boosters by sending your B’Apes on a four-week visionary quest deep within the jungle’s mystical groves. Craft here!

Black Market Exchange

Surrender a Gold Coin to the clandestine festival markets and receive an Apestasy Pack containing 5 Vitamin Boosters in return. The Gold Coins vanish into the festival’s lore forever. Craft here!

Banana Beat

Sacrifice an Experimental Banana to craft an Apestasy Pack containing 5 Vitamin Boosters, as the bananas are irretrievably converted into festival fervor. Craft here!

Astral Anthem

Place an Astral Ape into a four-week cosmic communion to craft an Apestasy Pack containing 3 Vitamin Boosters, with a small chance to succeed in capturing the astral energies. Craft here!

The Big Unpacking

Apestasy Booster Packs are ready to be opened immediately, unlocking a world of vibrant festival enhancements right at your fingertips!

Tools of the Tribe

The B’Ape Beats Festival isn’t just about the music and the crafts; it’s about the community coming together to strategize and celebrate. For verified members of the WARC tribe, exclusive Discord roles unlock access to private team sanctuaries, where strategies and beats are shared in harmony.

Stay attuned to the rhythm of the event with our live leaderboard on Discord, keeping track of which collective is leading the charge in the crafting challenge. And for the crafters and strategists, dedicated channels will showcase the latest crafts and combinations, ensuring you’re always in sync with the festival’s pulse.

All these features are brought to life with the ingenuity of PFP Wizard, your guide and guru through the B’Ape Beats Festival. Get ready to engage, craft, and ascend to the top of the leaderboard as we celebrate the most electrifying event of the year.

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