Skrapper Legends Returns to WAX with its “Rivalry Series” Highlighting the Greatest Rivalry in Sports

Icons old and new

On September 14, 2021 at 1 pm EST fans will have the opportunity to purchase Skrapper Legend’s Series 2 NFT packs on the WAX Blockchain to receive artistically reimagined renditions of Hall of Famers Williams and Jeter.

  • Epic (15.22% CHANCE) — 200 cards total
  • Golden Epic (7.61% CHANCE) — 100 cards total
  • Legendary (0.76% CHANCE) — 10 cards total
  • Super Legendary (0.30% CHANCE) — 4 cards total

How to Buy

Starting September 14 at 1 pm EST you can buy your NFTs by clicking here and begin unboxing your collectibles at 4 pm EST the same day. The Babe Ruth Series 1 sold out fast — we expect the Williams and Jeter collection will too!



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