Pirates Of The Degen: A Twitch-Integrated WAX Blockchain Adventure

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3 min readNov 22, 2023

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Welcome to “Pirates Of The Degen” on the WAX Blockchain, where the exciting world of Twitch streaming meets innovative blockchain integration. I’m Captain Degen, your guide in this unique journey, blending entertainment with a rewarding loyalty system.

The Captain’s Tale and the Birth of Watch2Earn

My adventure in the WAX universe began in 2021, evolving from mere streaming to creating a rewarding experience for my viewers. In 2022, “Pirates Of The Degen” introduced the Watch2Earn system, powered by our trusty Scurvy Bot. Viewers earn gold by simply engaging with our stream, paving the way for various rewards, including Wax NFTs and $WAXP.

Degen Dig and $WXBOOTY

Our Degen Dig lets viewers use their earned gold to hunt for NFTs. Even unsuccessful digs yield losing hole NFTs, which can be used in large giveaways. The key to our system is the $WXBOOTY token, which can be earned in exchange for gold and used to purchase packs or activate in-stream features. Boost your earnings with Booty Booster NFTs, enhancing your conversion rates and journey towards crafting the ultimate Profit Sharing Booty Ship.

Crafting the Profit Sharing Booty Ship

Embarking on the quest for a Profit Sharing Booty Ship involves collecting ship parts from Parts Bottle packs and blending them into various ship types. The ultimate goal is to craft two Galleons, which can then be blended into a Booty Ship. These prized ships dole out daily WAX airdrops, funded not by NFT sales but by the community’s collective Twitch profit.

Community at the Helm

Our project thrives on community involvement. We believe in sharing our successes, which is why we redistribute a significant portion of our Twitch profits back to our loyal ship holders. Our small yet robust community has managed to generate impressive returns, proving that innovation and collaboration can lead to substantial rewards.

Future Horizons and Joining the Crew

“Pirates Of The Degen” is an ever-evolving project, with plans to expand the Watch2Earn system to all streamers. Our vision is to build a universe that transcends the project itself, a shared journey of entertainment and earning. We invite you to be part of this exciting venture. Join us at Captain Degen’s Twitch Channel and set sail towards a unique, rewarding experience on the WAX Blockchain.

Join the Pirates Of The Degen Crew

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