Leonard Nimoy Revived: WAX Launches NFTs in Honor of Legendary Entertainer’s 90th Birthday

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5 min readMar 18, 2021
March 25th: Official Leonard Nimoy collectibles are coming to WAX

Although Leonard Nimoy starred in many roles, he is most famed for his stoic performance of Mr. Spock in the original, action-packed Star Trek series. Coming to us as a half-human, half-alien hybrid, Nimoy traversed space and time with his comrades to bring a new and exciting experience to our televisions.

In an unfortunate turn of events, he lost his final battle with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and passed away in 2015 due to complications. With this cause being near and dear to his family’s hearts, his daughter Julie, her husband David Knight and WAX work together to immortalize his memory on the Blockchain. They plan to donate a portion of the profits to UCLA Health to further the research of COPD, its possible cures and spreading awareness about this deadly disease.

What Can Fans Collect?

The first Leonard Nimoy collection on WAX will display never-before-seen intimate photos of the beloved actor and his family from throughout his life and career. These treasures will take the form of digital collectibles, otherwise known as non-fungible tokens (NFT). There are a total of 255 unique trading cards in 6 dazzling rarities. Each card is created by crafting three different shards of a single NFT, and when combined, the full rarity is revealed.

Crafting with Shards

Previously on WAX, NFT collectible packs have sold out in as little as 35 seconds, and extraordinarily high demand is anticipated for Nimoy’s premier NFT enterprise. Packs will be available for purchase on March 25, 2021, on the WAX platform at 12 pm EST. You can learn more about the release here.

There are two pack sizes:

  • Pack of 10 NFTs: $9.99
  • Pack of 30 NFTs: $24.99
10 Card Pack & 30 Card Pack

When opening a pack, you have a chance at receiving one of these 6 stunning rarities on each card.

  • Base (common)
  • Blur (uncommon)
  • Flip (rare)
  • Pixelated (rare)
  • Collectors Edition (super rare)
  • Golden (ultra rate)
6 Possible Rarities

You can easily trade any unopened packs or individual cards to anyone with a WAX wallet, sell them on the secondary market, trade them or simply show them off on social media to all of your friends.

Various past NFTs have resold for above $65,000 with the use of WAX-powered marketplaces and dApps. Following the release and success of the William Shatner memorabilia on the WAX Blockchain, Nimoy’s collection is expected to increase in value on the secondary market.

Collect 3 free NFT shards to create the final “Leonards Birthday” card

In celebration of Leonard Nimoy’s would-be 90th birthday, WAX will give out a free NFT memory collectible. This card will be comprised of 3 unique shards, each dropping on a different day leading up to the collection’s release. The first drop was on March 15th, the second will be on March 18th and the last on March 23rd. Each shard will be available to claim until March 25th when the full collection becomes available. Be sure to log in and claim yours here.

Iconic “Vulcan Salute” gesture

Who was Leonard Nimoy?

As a young man, Nimoy landed his first role as Chief in the 1951 movie Queen for a Day. This jump-started his career and propelled him forward into even greater success. Nimoy’s iconic role as Mr. Spock began in 1966 with the original Star Trek series and continued through subsequent movies. Although he used this platform for an astounding 47 years of on-and-off appearances in the franchise, he developed many other talents and passions off-screen. As a jack of all trades, he was known to have a grand passion for the arts; directing, photography, music and writing to name just a few. Now known as an award-winning actor and entertainer, he is dearly missed by his family.

His daughter, Julie, spoke kindly of her father. “As WAX Blockchain is forever, our hope is that future generations will remember and appreciate him not only as “Mr. Spock” from Star Trek but also as a loving family man and a wonderful friend who had many passions and interests.”

A Life with COPD

Alongside the release of the Nimoy collection, Julie and David aim to combat the disease that took Leonard from us all too soon. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD, is currently an incurable disease that obstructs airflow due to inflammation in the lungs. The symptoms are often misdiagnosed and the disease may not be caught until it has advanced. During Leonard’s life, he perpetually smoked cigarettes [for 37 years], which was likely a leading cause in his diagnosis. Although he quit smoking following the birth of his grandchild, it was too late as the disease had already taken its hold. His daughter Julie and her husband David recognize the dangers of the disease and wish to do what they can in aiding the fight against COPD to provide the world with a brighter future.


A portion of the proceeds from this sale will be allocated to UCLA Health to help the cause.

Nimoy left a Vulcan-style salute as an imprint on our hearts. “Live long and prosper” as we continue to remember his legacy, forever captured on the Blockchain for generations to come.

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