Introducing the Vulnerability Agents: NFTs in a Post-Apocalyptic Setting

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2 min readSep 26, 2023

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A Glimpse into the World

Immerse yourself in an enthralling post-apocalyptic realm teeming with action, mystery, and conspiracy. As you navigate through the NFTs in “Vulnerability Agents”, you will uncover tales and clandestine plots via unique blends.

Our collection boasts two gripping episodes. While the Pilot Episode was initially introduced via a Drop, showcasing six riveting chapters, it’s now solely up for grabs on the secondary exchange market.

Exclusive Kael Ravencore Agent Pack

Venture deeper with the Kael Ravencore Agent Pack, which unfolds a suspense-filled OVA spanning four episodes. This narrative remains an exclusive privilege for those possessing the cutscenes, token, and the coveted Collector Role. Alongside the story, you also get the official poster for the OVA and a limited-edition soundtrack.

Our Vision for Vulnerability Agents:

We’re not stopping here. The roadmap envisions transforming “Vulnerability Agents” from an NFT manga to a captivating animation and ultimately, an interactive visual novel. Your NFTs are not just collectibles — they’re keys that will influence plots and pivotal decisions in this expansive universe.

Utility Beyond Aesthetics

Every NFT from our collection has a purpose beyond its visual appeal. They serve a functional role within the WAXDAO, where you have the opportunity to stake farm on our non-custodial farm. We believe in a sustainable cyclical economy, redirecting 15% of our weekly sales back to the Farm and offering a 1% share to all agent holders.

Collaborations on the Horizon

The horizon looks promising with impending collaborations with notable collections such as Sketch Art and Rewards Runners. Witness a synergy where our storytelling flair and artistic prowess fuse, delivering an unparalleled NFT experience. Dive in and become part of this mesmerizing NFT odyssey within the WAX ecosystem.

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