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Four Video Games Killing It on WAX

More Proof That Play-to-Earn Is the Future of Gaming

Playing NFT games is a way to take ownership of the games you play. With dApps running on the WAX blockchain, earning NFTs is easy. And thanks to the very nature of how our technology works, doing so won’t cost you a fortune in transaction fees either. Best of all? You won’t need a separate — and pricey — graphics card in your computer to play games on WAX. Simply open your browser and enter a URL, or download a file and install it like you would anything else from the internet.

Heck, you can play a number of titles across multiple devices including tablets and mobile phones. Even better? Most of the time the games have mechanics for passive income, so you don’t need to watch your screen like a hawk to earn tokens.

Read on below to find out which of the world’s hottest games are on WAX.

Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds, the world’s leading video game on the blockchain, is a card-based crypto game set in a future ravaged by pandemics where humanity — led by a group of Bitcoin miners dubbed The Federation — is looking elsewhere to mine resources for our survival.

Don’t let the game’s early alpha status fool you: it’s a deep, fully featured digital card game. From exploring far-off planets and colonizing them to fighting aliens in the Thunderdome, there’s lots to do in Alien Worlds. And that’s before you start mining and selling NFTs.

As of press time, the AI Excavator item is selling for over $2,000. Thanks to the WAX blockchain’s Proof of Stake (PoS) system, transaction fees are nonexistent. Meaning, you won’t have to shell out ETH gas fees just because you want to offload a rare artifact. The gameplay loop is simple: pick a location and start mining for NFTs and Trillium cryptocurrency.

You don’t need to spend money to play, though — you can start mining for free. Maybe that’s why Alien Worlds is the #1 most popular NFT game listed on DappRadar, with four times as many players as the next most-played game.


In Farmers World you earn NFTs the pastoral way. Similar to Alien Worlds, you’ll need tools to get started mining. Namely, a fishing rod and an axe. Collect resources including wood, gold and food, then craft NFTs and start selling them for fun and (potential) profit. Because the economy runs on scarcity, the fewer items available the more you can potentially sell them for. As of press time, a low-mint-number axe is selling for 3,800 WAX, which is just over $1,100. Farmers World was named the fastest-growing P2E (play to earn) game on WAX by DappRadar, and has clocked 1.4 million transactions per month as of late August.


What if there was a multiplayer game that allowed you to earn money, trade and sell digital goods and play whenever/anywhere you want?

There is: Splinterlands. Remember trading and selling Magic: The Gathering and Pokémon cards with friends after a particularly intense match? That’s what makes Splinterlands different from, say, Hearthstone or Gwent. Instead of your cards being locked to your account, you can freely offload your NFTs for fun and profit after battle thanks to Splinterlands living on the blockchain. Everything in the game is limited in quantity and carries a full record of the transactions it has been used for. A $10 buy-in of the Summoner’s Spellbook is all it takes to get started. So far, there have been over $535,000 in tournament prizes awarded.

As of press time, the game had over 302,000 players each month who performed some 43 million transactions in the same time period. Suffice to say, there’s lots of activity here and finding other players with whom to battle shouldn’t be an issue.


Bring your battle royale skills to the blockchain in HodlGod, the first ever blockchain-based last-man-standing brawl. Duke it out with up to 15 players with melee weapons, or snipe them from the distance with your trusty bow. Fight against other players and the environment in Purgatory mode and stake your earned NFTs to level them up. Heck, just because they’re staked doesn’t mean they’re out of commission for play either. Maybe the coolest thing about HodlGod is that staked NFTs are still usable while staked, thanks to a virtual clone being stored in the WAX Cloud Wallet. Meaning, you can rent out your NFTs to other players and earn passive income.

Developer Onessus recently launched its own NFT staking protocol, WhenStaking.com, promising to open up “entirely new doors to what is possible with NFT staking. HodlGod is currently in pre-alpha and is targeted for completion by next April.

Why Video Game Developers Are Choosing WAX

What makes WAX so attractive for NFT-game developers? Well, the platform itself is engineered for efficiency. That means capacity for up to 8,000 transactions per second for fast processing and minimal lag. There aren’t transaction fees for minting or gifting NFTs either, and transactions are nearly instant and nearly free.

That’s not to mention the WAX Cloud wallet, which takes a lot of the intimidation out of onboarding new players who might not be as familiar with traditional crypto wallets, and the fact that there are currently six million wallet accounts — the largest in the world — with half a million daily users.

In so many words, there’s a player base that’s hungry for games. Best of all, the WAX Blockchain is green-certified and carbon neutral, so you don’t have to worry about mining for short-term profits at the expense of long-term sustainability.

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