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  • Oz Sultan

    Oz Sultan

  • Kieran George.

    Kieran George.

    Just a father, husband, swell kind of guy that writes about birds, bees, trees … yeah right🤣🤭, I write about Blockchain projects that interest me. 👌

  • Security Token Market

    Security Token Market

    The World’s Security Token Information Source

  • Ivan Nikkhoo — Managing Partner, Navigate Ventures

    Ivan Nikkhoo — Managing Partner, Navigate Ventures

    I am the Managing Partner at Navigate Ventures, an early/mid growth stage fund that invests in B2B Enterprise SaaS companies post A round. I also teach at USC.

  • Daily Bit

    Daily Bit

    Blockchain / Cryptocurrency Newsletter | Subscribe for free at www.thedailybit.news

  • ACTUAL Group

    ACTUAL Group

    Digital Asset Advisors. Traders. Stewards of Value. Nerds. It's A Brave New World.

  • Vincent Niu

    Vincent Niu

    #founderofdappreview #binance #nfts #dapps #hardcoregamer #indiegamer #meditator #quanttrader #stanfordalumni

  • WAX.io Deutschland

    WAX.io Deutschland

    WORLDWIDE ASSET EXCHANGE™ SAFE. SECURE. FAST. Von den Gründern des weltweit größten Marktplatzes für virtuelle Gegenstände aus Videospielen. https://wax.io

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