FGL “Meta Token” Set to Take the P2E Gaming World by Storm Via the WAX Blockchain

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6 min readJan 19, 2022

For decades, gamers around the world have been playing single-player and multi-player games in their free time and still haven’t been able to get enough of them.

Go back in your mind to all of those years you spent casually playing video games like Pac-Man, Frogger, Asteroids or Space Invaders trying to beat your best score, with nothing in return but the satisfaction that you broke your previous score.

Then, with the emergence of smartphone app-centric games that still keep many of us up into the early morning hours (collecting coins/points to “buy” land, tools and other items), it’s begged the question, “what if I could have actually made some sort of real-world return on all the time I’ve put into playing this darn game?”

Well, today that once upon a time pipe dream is a growing reality thanks to the blockchain and play-to-earn (P2E) gaming.

And now — with Lucrative Gaming aka “FGL” bringing a cross-game token to the Metasphere — the worlds of app-gaming and P2E are colliding like never before on the WAX Blockchain.

How FGL Is Revolutionizing P2E Gaming

Before we reveal the answer, let’s take a trip down FGL memory lane…

Since 2007, FGL has helped bring over 100,000 web and mobile games in front of billions of players. You’ve probably played, or at least heard of, a few of these games before — and for good reason.

Summer Bingo Quest

We’re talking Mystery Society, Bingo Quest, Home Designer, MatchVentures and more. The company currently manages more than 2,500 mobile apps and has propelled 50-plus games into top 10 charts both in the Apple App and Google Play stores.

FGL also built GamerSafe, the first-ever universal in-game microtransaction system for web gaming, which was used by millions of gamers worldwide — which brings us to its leap into the world of P2E.

How FGL’s Meta Token Will Revolutionize P2E + Cross-Token Gameplay

FGL has officially taken the leap and is building multiple P2E, NFT and crypto games on the WAX Blockchain. These games are projected to attract a whole new audience to P2E (those who love design and interactive storytelling games via phone apps) and blockchain gaming while delighting those who have already been knee-deep in crypto for years.

But here’s where things get really cool with FGL — to make things super easy and streamlined, it has already released a cross-game token in the Alcor Exchange (FGL) that can be used within every game they launch and operate (more on the token and how to be one of the first to buy it below).

CosmicClash Launching Early February & Pack Drops Begin January 24

CosmicClash will be the first game to launch. It’s an epic game that’s all about collecting and trading action-packed NFTs, defeating other players in 1v1 battles and advancing to the next “galaxy” to access extraordinary ships.

On January 24, the first CosmicClash NFT pack will drop at 10 am PT/1 pm ET. It will feature 2500 EXCLUSIVE Milky Way Galaxy Packs available for purchase in WAXP.

If you’re lucky enough to grab a pack or two, you’ll be one of the first to gain starships that can be sent on missions at game launch. You’ll also gain access to FGL tokens that can be used for in-game purchases. Additionally, you can get your hands on FGL tokens in Alcor now if you’re holding WAX in your WAX Cloud Wallet (more info on this process below).

Mecha World, Story Charmed & Crash Cars Up Next

Mecha World

Next up is Mecha World, a post-apocalyptic NFT game where players utilize automated questing to collect tokens and rare NFTs to upgrade and battle animal-inspired robots against other players. Players will also be able to buy land and earn passive income by facilitating battles and repairs. Plus, you’ll be able to build a killer Mecha empire along the way!

Story Charmed

Interested in interactive, illustrated fiction and immersing yourself in someone else’s story? Story Charmed (coming soon) is a chapter game that gives you the freedom to do just that! You can create avatars that will follow you through the stories you read. You can also customize your main characters and make important choices that will guide the direction of your story. With Story Charmed, the story is yours and yours alone!

Crash Cars

FGL’s fourth game in development is Crash Cars, featuring “Driven to Destruction”, a car crashing physics simulator. You’ll be able to choose from a selection of unique vehicles for some intense high-speed crashing action.

How to Get FGL’s Meta Tokens

Want to gain access to FGL tokens before game launch? Follow along for a step-by-step guide or jump over to Alcor to get started:

#1: You need to own or create a WAX Cloud Wallet.

To create a WAX Cloud Wallet in just two clicks, go to wallet.wax.io and select one of the available login options. You can choose between using your email or a social media account to sign up. Your wallet address will be located at the top right of the page ending with ‘.wam’.

#2: Fund your WAX Cloud Wallet.

Funding your WAX account is very easy and can be done in two ways:

  • Buying WAX directly using your credit card
  • Buying WAX on an exchange and sending it to your account

#3: Make sure you have enough resource capacity to make transactions.

Your WAX Cloud Wallet account has resources such as CPU, NET and RAM staked to it by default. However, when making a purchase, you may discover that the default staked amount of tokens (and the resources this gives you) is not enough to cover your transaction. Click here for more info on staking tokens to increase your resources.

#4: Transfer WAXP to Alcor Exchange via WAX Mainnet

  1. Visit https://wax.alcor.exchange and connect your WAX Cloud Wallet. Make sure you are signed in to your WAX Cloud Wallet first.
  2. Select WAX Cloud Wallet from the drop-down menu in the top right-hand corner and connect your wallet.
  3. Find the FGL/WAX token in the Market and trade for your desired amount using WAXP.

Once you own FGL tokens, you’ll be able to see how many you own in your Alcor Exchange wallet.

For more information on FGL, check out the following links:



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