Ecoverse 3.0 Update: The Open Space Evolves

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4 min readOct 31, 2023


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The Open Space game, which made its debut on the WAX blockchain on June 6, 2022, received a much-anticipated update on August 30, 2023. Known as Ecoverse 3.0, this upgrade ushers in vast gameplay and visual improvements. Initially founded on a pixel-art theme and space mining concept, the project has been agile, tweaking mechanics based on user feedback over the last year.

Recognizing the emerging Metaverse trend, development for Ecoverse 3.0 began, aiming to showcase the adaptability of WAX blockchain projects. All NFTs and tokens from the prior version transitioned seamlessly into the new mechanics, ensuring users retained their value. This revamp even encouraged the phasing out of outdated assets.

In-Game Mechanics & Currency

The Ecoverse 3.0 Beta update has been meticulously crafted to prevent inflationary patterns, drawing insights from similar market projects. It introduced genuine in-game trading exchanges using the $DMATTER token. Moreover, all NFT data has been made adaptable, setting the stage for potential future updates.

Notably, the game now facilitates the use of tokens from various WAX blockchain projects within its framework. Players can vote using $DMATTER tokens to decide which tokens are active in-game. The top five tokens then become pivotal to gameplay interactions.

Three different planets in the game are governed by independent alliances. Players can carry out mining activities according to the planet they choose at the beginning of the game. Independent mineral exchanges located at the center of each planet enable the trade of minerals on the planet they are located on. However, since there is no direct connection between planetary exchanges, mining rates will differ from each other. So Brave Traders must adventure with fleets of merchant ships, traveling between planets and trading minerals.

No NFT is required to start the game. If players do not have any NFTs when they start the game, they can make other players’ NFTs work and earn commission from these transactions.

Land Configuration and Customization

Landowners enjoy heightened control with the ability to set rules, reward miners, and even manage their NFT collections, all without any coding expertise. They can govern token contracts and even spearhead their NFT initiatives.

Integration and Expansion

With visual programming, The Open Space contracts can evolve continuously. Players have diverse mining and blending opportunities with NFTs. Developers, too, are empowered to customize rules.

The Ecoverse update lets players delve into The Open Space and explore games by independent creators, all without shifting platforms or sites. This expansion has added layers of playability through Play to Earn, Free to Play, and Metaverse experiences.

While Ecoverse 3.0 is still in its Beta phase, the team is actively refining various components. For a comprehensive understanding, you can consult the project’s whitepaper or chat with the developers in their Discord community!

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