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Magically Mining a New Cryptocurrency

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4 min readMay 5, 2021

With the Blockchain still being such a recent development, the technology and community are evolving and expanding rapidly. Many individuals are seeking new ways to bring this technology to everyone. Newly developed cryptocurrencies are popping up on a regular basis and DUST is a promising, exciting and unique asset. This mineable currency is built to increase mainstream use and create a smooth transition from the world we’ve known to the tantalizing world of NFTs.

What is DUST and how can it be obtained?

DUST is a mineable token based around social messaging on the Telegram platform. Mining a token simply means that you can earn various crypto-currencies by taking part in specific activities. In this case, mining DUST is as simple as communicating with the Telegram community in DUST-approved channels. Although there are many servers that support this new endeavor, the Magic DUST channel specifically is designed to discuss and celebrate the asset itself.

To get started mining, follow these simple steps:

  1. Create a WAX Cloud Wallet or locate your existing wallet address
  2. Enter the Magic DUST channel on Telegram and type “/sync xxxxx.wam” (where xxxxx is your wallet address)
  3. Begin chatting and mining DUST!

*Once you are synced on one server, you do not have to sync for any others to start earning DUST.*

Each time you message in one of the DUST-approved channels, you will mine .5 DUST. Although that doesn’t seem like much, a new twist has been introduced and implemented. DUST wishes to reward the users who are making this endeavor possible; those who believe in and support this new project.

Each partner company that allows DUST mining on their Telegram servers has the opportunity to create custom, unique NFTs as limited edition collectibles that actively and positively affect the mining process. If the user collects one of these NFTs and is holding it in their synced wallet, it acts as a multiplier on their earnings. The additional amount of the currency being mined varies from 1–2.5 DUST. This number is randomly generated with each mine, however, you are guaranteed to receive more than .5 DUST; and if you hold more than 1 multiplier NFT, the above number will be multiplied by the number held. The team has dubbed this “algorithmic mining”. These NFTs can be held in your wallet for the multiplier or sold or traded on the secondary market — and they certainly have a value all their own.

*The multiplier NFT works in all DUST-approved channels.*

Partnered mines include but are not limited to:

The benefit of mining DUST

“What can DUST do for me?” Well, let’s start with the fact that it is free. Who doesn’t want free stuff? Secondly, some markets are starting to facilitate sales for DUST. This means if you are mining, you may be able to use it to buy, sell and trade NFTs in an expanding, but currently limited, space. Lastly, like its predecessors, DUST can be exchanged for other currencies — including WAX! That’s right, you are mining a free resource and turning it into a desirable currency; something usable, flexible, and gaining value every day.

This is especially great for those who are new to the blockchain and wish to get started on WAX. DUST provides an avenue to test the crypto-waters, so to speak. The user doesn’t even have to spend any USD in order to get their first NFT. They can simply converse on Telegram, exchange their DUST for WAX and start collecting right away; all while learning more about the Blockchain.

What is in the future for DUST?

DUST is currently in its beginning phases. With time and traction gains, DUST wishes to expand to other forms of social media, including Discord and Twitter. The goal is to add new value to old aspects of the internet; expanding the blockchain in such a way that anyone can use it without previous knowledge or complicated tech. Earn resources for doing what you do every day anyway. Doesn’t that sound great?

Like the universe and its ever-expanding boundaries, the Blockchain follows its lead by bringing in more avenues to earn, play and collect. DUST is no exception to this. The possibilities are endless and we look forward to watching the DUST journey unfold.

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