A Brief History of WAX NFTs

Part 3: The Tools that Drive the Community

In the third part of our retrospective on the WAX NFT space, we focus on the community-driven advancements made through third-party tools and resources.

The Marketplaces that Drive Our Community

Many people associate collectibles with marketplaces such as OpenSea or Magic Eden, but the WAX ecosystem is also active and successful among collectors. In fact, according to data from DappRadar.io, WAX markets currently occupy the third and tenth spots for most users over the past week.

While AtomicHub.io has become the most popular marketplace for WAX NFTs, a number of other markets have evolved to play a significant role in the ecosystem. NeftyBlocks.com helped bring easy-to-use blending tools to the community. NFTHive.io created innovative bulk tools for buying, selling, listing, transferring and staking NFTs. And wax.giftnft.io allows anyone to gift a WAX NFT to a friend or family member who doesn’t yet have a wallet just by sending them an email or Twitter DM notification.

Tools to Make NFTs Easier to Manage

The latter was created by the folks at BountyBlok.io. And speaking of tools that have proven useful to the creator community, BountyBlok became a must-use over the past couple years. Creators are able to search the entire WAX blockchain for wallets holding assets from their collection or any collection. With advanced search and filtering capabilities, the tool provides a method for dropping reward NFTs to community members with very little efforts. They’ve also created a great social viral tool designed to get community talking about certain drops.

Other third-party sites promise a variety of utility and community-building functionality as well.

Waxzilla.io seeks to have the community curate products, ideas, and trends in the WAX ecosystem. WAXMarketCap.com provides analytics for WAX collections. Earlier this year the vIRL Marketplace emerged on WAX giving collectors the opportunity to turn some collectibles into physical items. And WAXGamer has become a directory of play-and-earn games on WAX blockchain.

What’s Next?

The WAX ecosystem is robust and continues to grow and evolve, thanks to creators willing to build great stuff and our community that rallies around the super-fast WAX blockchain.

Over the past few weeks we’ve visited some of the collections that put WAX NFTs on the map, some of the games which have garnished great attention and a few of the tools that keep this great community moving forward. But the best is yet to come in 2023! Watch for the opportunity to receive some special, exclusive drops in January, as well as a major announcement on an upcoming project which is going to excite collector’s both old and new!

What do you think the drops will be? Do you have guesses about the upcoming project? Join the conversation on Discord and share your thoughts!



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