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WAX is the safest and most convenient way to create, buy, sell and trade virtual items.

Artist William Quigley and William E. Quigley of WAX, collaborate to combine crypto, contemporary art, and Pulitzer Prize-winning “The Babe Bows Out” in a series of unforgettable NFTs to immortalize Babe’s legacy.

It’s June 13, 1948.

The Babe stands before a packed stadium full of tearful Yankees fans. He’s exhausted, worn, and says a tearful goodbye after 22 years of slugging the cover off the ball.

This moment was so captivating that it was captured and memorialized in the Pulitzer Prize-winning photo “The Babe Bows Out” by photographer Nat Fein. Fast forward to 2021 — the work has been breathtakingly…

WAX offsets 211 tonnes of CO2 and announces carbon neutral status, while revolutionizing how people create, buy, sell, and trade digital collectibles.

WAX Partners with Funimation and Harmony Gold to Bring Anime NFTs to the Blockchain

Anime has proven to be a massive staple in the entertainment industry. The world has been inundated with incredible shows and timeless mangas that many people have enjoyed; the colorful characters and intense scenes have drawn enthusiasts in for decades. Now with the blockchain quickly evolving and expanding its horizons, it is anime’s time to step into the NFT spotlight. With no further ado, Funimation, the market leader in anime serving fans worldwide, and Harmony Gold are bringing Robotech Series 1 collectibles to the WAX Blockchain.

Blockchain mechanics and specifics can tend to get confusing, even on WAX. Have you been having issues with buying, selling or trading your favorite NFTs? This PSA is designed to explain and clarify how CPU usage and fluctuations impact your WAX experience.

Understanding the Basics

WAXP tokens are, as most of us know, used to buy, sell and trade NFTs. However, it is also used to power the WAX Blockchain. Powering the blockchain simply means using tokens to make all kinds of transactions. This means your tokens are a vital part of helping the servers run smoothly. Customers spend their…

Magically Mining a New Cryptocurrency

With the Blockchain still being such a recent development, the technology and community are evolving and expanding rapidly. Many individuals are seeking new ways to bring this technology to everyone. Newly developed cryptocurrencies are popping up on a regular basis and DUST is a promising, exciting and unique asset. This mineable currency is built to increase mainstream use and create a smooth transition from the world we’ve known to the tantalizing world of NFTs.

What is DUST and how can it be obtained?

The World’s First Blockchain-Based Carbon Impact NFT for Consumers

Spring is a wonderful time. The flowers come into bloom, trees are budding, birds are chirping and the air is fresh and warm. As we head into this lovely season, we reflect on the state of the planet’s health. Whether we focus harder on recycling or picking up garbage, there is always room for improvement on how we can help preserve our planet.

Blockchain activity has been growing at an enormous rate, but that growth has raised concerns that blockchain-generated carbon emissions are damaging our habitat. However, not all blockchains are…

With an Examination of the Odds for the Legendary Exclusive 1-of-1 70th Anniversary Collectible

ToppsMLB Series 1 Sale Recap

The ToppsMLB Series 1 sale on April 20 was the biggest sale Topps has conducted on the WAX Blockchain to date. The sale brought a record number of buyers and sold out very quickly.

Sale highlights:

  • A total of 1,384,050 NFTs in 79,090 packs were sold
  • 74,090 total available packs sold out within 1 hour
  • 137,291 buyers showed up to participate in the sale
  • Standard Packs: $5 to $67 = 1240% above primary market price
  • Premium Packs: $100 to $682 = 582% above primary market price

WAX is proud to be a platform of extraordinary successes over the past several months with various releases on the platform. Many individuals are getting excited about making their own collection of NFTs, but there are a few steps you need to take before we can make your dream a reality.

The servers that run WAX normally run on a lower capacity during everyday traffic. However, when a new release comes around the corner, we pump up our servers and scale up to better accommodate the heavier-than-normal usage. This can be for purchasing and opening different NFT packs. …

As the WAX Blockchain continues to grow in success and popularity, more projects and big names are showing interest in dipping their toes into the world of digital collectibles. As the King of NFTs, WAX houses an astonishing number of exciting collections including Leonard Nimoy, Capcom’s Street Fighter, deadmau5, and most recently, Topps’ MLB trading cards. Now stepping into the spotlight for their time to shine, Weezer and RAREZ are bringing “OK Crypto” collectibles to the WAX blockchain in honor of their recent album OK Human.

Topps MLB Digital Trading Cards Coming to WAX!

Since the beginning of time, people have had a knack for collecting various things; from classic art to old records, there is something for everyone. Some of the most sought-after and valuable collectibles contain faces from the most famed athletes of all time, including Topps® Major League Baseball cards which continue to be a massive staple in the United States. For over 70 years, fans around the country have searched for these cards to add to their ever-growing collections, thrilled when they collect a rare card found in mint condition. …

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