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Jigsaw is ready to put fans to the test with SAW Series 1 NFT Collection
on the WAX Blockchain.

The ground-breaking horror franchise SAW is making its debut on WAX in a spine tingling NFT series. The collection follows the phenomenal box-office franchise of nine films, all of which feature the mysterious mastermind killer Jigsaw who is best known for rounding up groups of victims to play twisted games with life and death.

How to Buy

On July 27, 2021, WAX will release a unique NFT series full of crafting twists and turns. Packs go on sale at 1 pm…

Robotech Starter Packs coming soon — featuring “charged” animated cards,
exciting leaderboard competition, and fun for everyone.

As many of you may fondly remember, Funimation and Harmony Gold released Robotech NFTs in May of this year. The collection was such a hit that the powers are gearing up to release all-new Robotech Starter Packs.

We’re talking loads of nostalgia and fun coming your way. The collection will harness the 1985 anime wonder that made us all fall in love with Robotech in the first place.

If you’re a Robotech fan and are new to NFTs, this is an incredible opportunity…

5 Grand Slam NFT Releases + Exciting WAX Developments

The following is a snapshot of our progression in Q2. We hope you’ll enjoy reading and pass on the news, as it’s worth sharing.

BitBoy Bitverse Series 1

Capcom re-ignites the fight and challenges players to throw down, collect, craft, and win on the WAX Blockchain in the Series 2 Street Fighter V NFT Collection.

Street Fighter has earned its space amongst some of the most sought-after and beloved NFT series on WAX. Following the epic release of Series 1 collectibles in February of this year, collectors continue to trade, craft, and “level up” in Capcom’s immersive NFT experience.

On July 15, it’s time to suit up and get ready to fight again. The much anticipated Street Fighter V Series 2 collectibles are coming to the WAX Blockchain.

What You Can Collect

Rise to Power in the First Ever Blockchain-Based Battle Royale

*All features and game modes are subject to change.*

The time has come to journey to a new world, take up arms, and fight to the death to claim your title as a god.

HodlGod, the first-ever blockchain-based battle royale game, is coming to the WAX platform. As a pioneer in the industry, Dante Scott, CEO and CTO of Onessus Blockchain Systems LLC, and his team of experts are paving the way for the future of video games on the blockchain.

Collect, battle, earn and come out victorious if you…

Artist William Quigley and William E. Quigley of WAX, collaborate to combine crypto, contemporary art, and Pulitzer Prize-winning “The Babe Bows Out” in a series of unforgettable NFTs to immortalize Babe’s legacy.

It’s June 13, 1948.

The Babe stands before a packed stadium full of tearful Yankees fans. He’s exhausted, worn, and says a tearful goodbye after 22 years of slugging the cover off the ball.

This moment was so captivating that it was captured and memorialized in the Pulitzer Prize-winning photo “The Babe Bows Out” by photographer Nat Fein. Fast forward to 2021 — the work has been breathtakingly…

WAX offsets 211 tonnes of CO2 and announces carbon neutral status, while revolutionizing how people create, buy, sell, and trade digital collectibles.

WAX Partners with Funimation and Harmony Gold to Bring Anime NFTs to the Blockchain

Anime has proven to be a massive staple in the entertainment industry. The world has been inundated with incredible shows and timeless mangas that many people have enjoyed; the colorful characters and intense scenes have drawn enthusiasts in for decades. Now with the blockchain quickly evolving and expanding its horizons, it is anime’s time to step into the NFT spotlight. With no further ado, Funimation, the market leader in anime serving fans worldwide, and Harmony Gold are bringing Robotech Series 1 collectibles to the WAX Blockchain.

Blockchain mechanics and specifics can tend to get confusing, even on WAX. Have you been having issues with buying, selling or trading your favorite NFTs? This PSA is designed to explain and clarify how CPU usage and fluctuations impact your WAX experience.

Understanding the Basics

WAXP tokens are, as most of us know, used to buy, sell and trade NFTs. However, it is also used to power the WAX Blockchain. Powering the blockchain simply means using tokens to make all kinds of transactions. This means your tokens are a vital part of helping the servers run smoothly. Customers spend their…

Magically Mining a New Cryptocurrency

With the Blockchain still being such a recent development, the technology and community are evolving and expanding rapidly. Many individuals are seeking new ways to bring this technology to everyone. Newly developed cryptocurrencies are popping up on a regular basis and DUST is a promising, exciting and unique asset. This mineable currency is built to increase mainstream use and create a smooth transition from the world we’ve known to the tantalizing world of NFTs.

What is DUST and how can it be obtained?

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