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Topps MLB Digital Trading Cards Coming to WAX!

Since the beginning of time, people have had a knack for collecting various things; from classic art to old records, there is something for everyone. Some of the most sought-after and valuable collectibles contain faces from the most famed athletes of all time, including Topps® Major League Baseball cards which continue to be a massive staple in the United States. For over 70 years, fans around the country have searched for these cards to add to their ever-growing collections, thrilled when they collect a rare card found in mint condition. …

Over the course of the last 6 months, WAX has had the pleasure of working alongside several big brands and has seen a surplus of incredible NFT collections being released. It has been a hot minute since we’ve gotten to release our quarterly roundups due to the whirlwind of projects on the platform, so let’s catch you up on everything that’s been happening on WAX.

These awesome releases further solidify WAX as the King of NFTs on the Blockchain. Here’s a recap of everything that has happened since September 2020:

Quarter 4 of 2020: October — December

New Hero and Villain NFTs Take Over the WAX Blockchain

Superheroes are a massive staple in today’s entertainment industry. From movies, games and all other kinds of collectibles, there is no shortage of fun to be had. Heroes originally began emerging in the mid-1930s by way of newspapers, and new heroes continue to make their debut in today’s society through avenues. Now it’s time to explore the fantasy of brave heroes and dastardly villains in a new way. Introducing the world’s latest set of super-collectibles, the BitBoy Bitverse Series 1 NFT Art Collection is headed to the WAX Blockchain. Ben…

Legendary Star Trek™ actor Leonard Nimoy’s Collectibles have sold out on Worldwide Asset eXchange™ in 5 minutes

GRAND CAYMAN, Cayman Islands, March 31, 2021 — A special collection of digital collectibles featuring never-before-seen images and memories of the late Leonard Nimoy were made available to this celebrated actor’s fans on March 25, 2021, through WAX Blockchain, with the collection selling out in an incredible five minutes!

Nimoy’s untimely passing was due to complications related to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). This cause is near and dear to the hearts of Nimoy’s daughter, Julie, and her husband, David Knight.

“My husband…

March 25th: Official Leonard Nimoy collectibles are coming to WAX

Although Leonard Nimoy starred in many roles, he is most famed for his stoic performance of Mr. Spock in the original, action-packed Star Trek series. Coming to us as a half-human, half-alien hybrid, Nimoy traversed space and time with his comrades to bring a new and exciting experience to our televisions.

This guide shows you how to turn your static images, GIFs, music files, and videos into NFTs on WAX.

Creating NFTs on WAX is really simple. All you need to get started is a WAX Cloud Wallet Account. All steps shown in this guide also work using a self-managed WAX Blockchain Account using Scatter or Anchor.

Let’s get started

The simplest way to create your first NFT on WAX is using AtomicHub’s convenient NFT Creator. Log in using your WAX Cloud Wallet or one of the other options at

WAX Labs 2.0

Starting a new project can prove to be daunting and challenging in many aspects. From funding to development and marketing, WAX invites creative and ingenuitive individuals to step forward with their unique ideas; projects that will contribute to furthering the development of technology and the community. WAX Labs provides these projects with a solid foundation to flourish by funding and implementing community-approved proposals.

Think back to when the internet first emerged; before the .com boom, before Google and Amazon, the internet was a blank slate with endless possibilities. Individuals with fresh, new ideas stepped up and began…

Pioneering musical NFTs on the WAX Blockchain

Imagine listening to your favorite song. What genre is it, how does it make you feel and does it bring back any memories? Music has a knack for touching our souls in all kinds of ways. It helps us through grief and hardships while celebrating our achievements and joys. Now the Blockchain is expanding its horizons and is bringing tokenized music in the form of NFTs to the industry; a new way to view, enjoy and share your favorite tunes. WAX has brought big IP to NFTs such as Capcom and Topps. In…

Growing up, each of us had a fascination with collecting different, unique items. These could be baseball cards with your favorite athletes, a room filled to the brim with old computer software or a cool bucket of old pennies; things that brought us joy. With the way the world has progressed, the inner collector (and child) in each of us has been ignited once again with the tantalizing fun of NFTs. In order to ensure the security of the collectors’ stash, WAX Cloud Wallet works with IPFS and WAX Blockchain to lock down and protect each individual NFT on a…

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